AES Andres

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

Name: Mr. Eddy Jimenez

Office: (809) 955-2223ext. 3541
Cel.: (809) 467-7157

Fax.: (809) 523-5117
Email: edie.jimenez@aes.com


AES Andres

Latitude:  18º 24,4’N  Longitude:  069º 37.6’W

D.R. Chart 008

B.A. Chart 467

D.M.A. Chart 25849 Plan A


UN / Locode:


AES Andres is a private port established within the Dominican Republic for the importation, storage and distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas. It is situated at the most outer SE tip of the Caucedo peninsula to the south of the ports of Boca Chica and Caucedo. It is an exposed berth, unprotected from the Caribbean sea.


It is a first class LNG Jetty provided with very modern equipments such as LNG unloading arm arrangements, ESD system communication links, marine laser ranging, mooring load monitoring system, etc.





Apron width

Hight above MLLW

Min. or range of depths

Main Jetty

AES Andres

300 m

20 m

17,15 m

12,0 m


For detailed information please view or download Ports Handbook pdf document on the Port of AES Andres.

For Tariff information please view or download AES Andres_Tariff.