Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

Name: Luis Felipe Martinez

Office: +1 (809) 910 6125
Cel.: +1 (809) 539 5285

Fax.: +1 (809) 539 5287
Email: martinezopib@gmail.com

Maritima Dominicana S.A.S. Branch

Rafael Pozo

Zona Portuaria

Office: +1 (809) 579 9204

Fax: +1 809 579 9204
Cel.: +1 (809) 980 5437

Email: rpozo@mardom.com


Latitude: 19º43’.000 N, Longitude: 71º45’.000 W

DMA Chart: 26145

B.A. Chart 463

UN Locode: DO MAN

Manzanillo Pier was built by -Grenada S.A.- an American banana exporting company in the 1950’s, but was abandoned many years ago. The pier has undergone extensive repairs, completed 1994, by "Construcciones Almodovar". This port has about eight sailings per month for export of fresh fruit, mainly bananas to Europe.


Excellent anchorage available in the Manzanillo Bay to the North East of the dock in about 35 meters of water.

Last Year, 2012, hundred twenty four ships visited this single finger pier, most them Bananas Reefer Containers Carriers.

Controlling depth. at approach channel is 12,0 m.

Latest official soundings-see bathymetry chart dd. 2008-08-13-14.





Pier width

Height above MLLW

Depth above MLLW (root-tip)

Recommended max.draft

West Side

230 m

27,0 m

4,0 m

5,6-12,2 m

6,0-12,2 m

10,8 m

East Side

Finger Tip

27,0 m


4,0 m

12,2 m

11,0 m

For detailed information please view or download Ports Handbook pdf document on the Port of Manzanillo.

For Tariff information please view or download Manzanillo_Tariff.