Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
:     Mr. Luis Wallach
Office:    (809) 537-6154
Cel.:       (829) 779--756
Fax.:      (809) 740-0028
Email:    luis.walach@hit.com.do 



Latitude: 18º 12’N  Longitude: 70º 11’W


Palenque or Punta Palenque is a Single Buoy Mooring facility located at 18º 12.2’N 70º 11.3 W and is operated by the Refinería Dominicana de Petróleo; they receive reconstituted crude oil mostly from Venezuela and Mexico at this facility, and it is pumped by pipeline to the Refinery in Haina (Itabo).  This facility is about 2.5 miles off Punta Palenque, and a small tug is used for transportation to/from shore.


For detailed information please view or download Ports Handbook pdf document on the Port of Palenque.