Samana (Puerto Duarte or Arroyo Barril):
Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
: Mr. Nelson Roque
Cel.: (829) 886-7750
Email: roque-107@hotmail.com

Samana (Puerto Duarte or Arroyo Barril)

Latitude: 19º12’.00N, Longitude: 069º26’.85W

D.R. Chart 165

B.A. Chart: 463

D.M.A. Chart 25723 / 25724

UN Locode: DO PUD



The port of SAMANA is known by several other names:

+"Puerto Duarte" - was officially given to the Pier, built as a Passenger Terminal in the 1970's.

+"El Botado" after a local place name.

+ an "Arroyo Barril" for a landing strip in the nearby.

The port is now important as Cruise Ships anchoring area for Cayo Levantado and other surrounding beautiful places.

After the mining industry projects development, at northern part of the country, Samana Pier became a heavy lifts handling port.



"Puerto Duarte Pier"

Pier Length

Pier width

Height above MLLW

Min. Depths

South West

230 m.

25,5 m.

2,50 m.

10,3 m.

North East

9,5 m.

Pier Tip

25,5 m.


2,50 m.

15,0 m.


For detailed information please view or download Ports Handbook pdf document on the Port of Arroyo Barril.

For Tariff information please view or download Samana_Tariff.