Ships Repair

Dry-docking and workshops are available at Las Calderas and Santo Domingo. Ciramar International Trading at Las Calderas is operating three floating docks and in this way any ship under 173 m  x  33 m.  x  5 m, can be dry-docked there.          

 Legus Enterprises has a three levels Graving Dock at Santo Domingo Ozama River east bank; 156 m.  x  16 m.  x  5 m. Internationally recognized machinery representative  and Class Societies Surveyors are allowed to attend customers at the mentioned facilities.

Dominican ports and their anchorages, mainly Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata, are also available for emergency ship repair, crew changes, changes of flag, and changes of ownership. Las Americas International Airport which is located about 45 minutes from Santo Domingo and Rio Haina has direct flights from many European cities including Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam. It also has direct flights from the US east coast, as well as several countries in Central and South America. Puerto Plata and Punta Cana airports are also internationally connected. National immigration authorities do not require visas for crew members; making signing on/off cost efficient and operationally simple. A similar preferential treatment is given by Dominican customs authorities to in-transit ship spare parts, facilitating clearance and delivery.