Stonewood Dominicana

The company was established in June 2007 to create the first chassis pool and chassis and container repair facility in the Dominican Republic.  Certificated BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) and at the moment working to obtain the ISO 9001 and the IICL for our technicians.

The staff currently consists of about 80 persons attending to all aspects of a chassis and container repair facility.  Approximately 1,450 chassis are in the pool. 

Our office and off dock terminal of approximately 200,000 square meters are located just outside the port of Caucedo (see picture attached).  In our warehouse we have a complete inventory of all parts required for container and chassis repair as well as the necessary tools and equipment.  For major repairs we suggest mobilizing the container to our terminal but for minor repairs as well as washing and sweeping (food grade) we can work inside DPW Caucedo terminal.