Marítima Dominicana is credited as a 3PL Operator and Consolidation Agent

These accreditations make MARDOM an even more reliable and strategic for the Dirección General de Aduanas (DGA), and therefore, for it clients.

Santo Domingo, August 11th 2017.- The ship agency and logistics services company, Marítima Dominicana (MARDOM) received the certifications of 3PL Operator and Cargo Consolidation Agent. These certifications represent an important advance in the quality of services of the shipping sector to the Dominican Republic.

Gustavo Tavares, president of MARDOM, define the accreditation process as “extremely positive and transcendent”, and stated that these mechanisms position MARDOM strategically to achieve its vision of integrated logistics services in the country, with international prestige, focused on sustainability and development.

These declarations were given on the occasion of the “2nd Annual Conference: Authorized Economic Operator-RD” carried out by the Dirección General de Aduanas (DGA), where this institution granted MARDOM a recognition for achieve the level II of the program Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-RD), which means having more than 5 years within the program, having been recertified in some of the areas of operation, having as commercial policy to prioritize the contracting of services of OAS certified companies, which at least two of the main business partners are certified, and that the Minimum Security Requirements AEO have been exceeded. In addition to MARDOM, only two companies reach level II in the country.

The 3PL Operator license corresponds to the practice through one or more logistical processes of a company are subcontracted to an external supplier. In the case of MARDOM, both this accreditation and the Cargo Consolidation Agent are added to others such as Shipping Operator, Customs Agent, Storage warehouse and Freight Carrier, under the same program OEA-RD; all of which, together with its logistics operator license, positions it as one of the most reliable companies in the sector.

Marítima Dominicana S. A. S. has been operating in the shipping industry for more than 45 years, also offering multiple quality logistics services for the supply chain management, such as import and export services, warehousing, customs management, ground transportation, among others.