Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Policy Statement

Maritima Dominicana, S.A.S. is committed to: providing quality services; promoting the effective control of the risks in our operations in order to safeguard our staff, clients and business partners; minimizing the environmental impact and improving the quality of life of our workforce, their families and the communities where we operate.

To achieve this business ethic, we implement and maintain a management system that focuses on quality, security, risk prevention, environment and social responsibility.

Our guiding principles in our management are:

• To provide quality services that satisfy our customers' needs and fulfill all the contracted specifications, minimizing non-compliant services.

• To comply with all the applicable laws and standards related to the marine transport and cargo handling services, including the requirements applicable to the quality, Safety, Health and Environmental management systems implemented in our organization.

• To continually monitor and improve our services and the management system’s performance.

• To provide, motivate and promote the professional development of our staff.

• To provide workplaces with a safe and healthy environment.

• To identify, analyze and effectively control all risks arising from our activities, including the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors and visitors.

• To implement programs that contribute to keeping our workforce distant from drug and alcohol abuse, as well as any illicit activity.

• To assure the integrity of the company and the goods entrusted to us, as well as to ensure the secure handling of documents and information in our custody.
• To establish controls in order to effectively minimize the environmental impact of our activities and improve the prevention of environmental contamination, including reducing and preventing all forms of pollution.

• To inform and assign clear roles and responsibilities regarding Security and Health, as well as the importance of the care of the Environment.

• To guarantee human, civil and labor rights of our personnel.

• To work with our employees, the community and local leaders in order to contribute to the process of social and economic development of our society.

We ensure the success of our policy through the commitment of the human resources of our organization, the close monitoring of the fulfillment of our objectives, as well as the periodic revision of the continuous improvement of our processes.