Terminal Operator / Off Dock Terminal

We have 3 off-dock terminals strategically located outside the ports of Caucedo, Rio Haina and Manzanillo, where we provide a full range of services such as:

• Storage, classification and handling of empties containers.
• Classification system for empty containers.
• Storage of project cargo ( over dimension and heavy lift )
• Electronic system on pre-gate for container returns via RFID and 24/7 service
• Handling and assignment of chassis fleet and parking location electronically manage with RFID for exact location.
• On spot dispatch and inspection of chassis and container.
• EDI transfer of gate moves, validated with RFID connectivity
• Reach-stacker for all yard moves
• Pneumatic tube systems for delivery of dispatch documentation directly to truck
• On-site maintenance and repair

In the Haina and Puerto Plata Terminals we have certified balances to offer containers weighing services to comply with the SOLAS regulation – VGM (Verified Gross Mass) and also for grain and bulk cargo weighing.