Marítima Dominicana recognizes the school excellence of its employees’ children

“Navegando hacia la Excelencia 2016” is part of the company’s social responsibility program and its commitment to education in the country.

Santo Domingo, D. R., august 6th 2016.- In order to recognize the effort during this school year by the children of employee of the shipping and logistics services agency, Marítima Dominicana S.A.S (MARDOM), the “Navegando hacia la Excelencia 2016” award framework of the activity “Approaching the school” an action that since 2003, seeks to promote the excellence of the MARDOM family.

Catherine Dionicio, Human Resources Manager of the company, was responsible for initiating the activity with words of motivation and enthusiasm for the children of the employees, who throughout the school period (2015/2016) stand out in the classroom for their good grades. Dionicio gave way to the executive vice president, Juan Tomas Tavares, who spoke with the attendees about this project.

“We remember that excellence, or maximum attainable quality, is an objective in constant movement that we must pursue with passion and dedication. Perfection is the North unattainable, but excellence, which is its antechamber, if it can be achieved based on a lot of effort and constant improvement of what we do, navigating 24/7 without ceasing, “said Tavares.

Later Mario Chong, Director of Marketing and Sales, called the students meritorious and with Tavares and Dionicio they gave the awards to each one of them.

With more than 600 students participating, a total of seven were recognized on a very enjoyable afternoon in which fun, companionship and excellence were the main protagonists. In the same way, the Human Resources department selected the outstanding student, belonging to Secondary School, who obtained the best average of the whole group
The winning children and teenagers received shopping bonuses for their school supplies, laptops, English scholarships, and college.

“Navegando hacia la Excelencia 2016” is a space dedicated to stand out the commitment that the children of the employees of the company, make to get good grades. This activity is part of the company’s social responsibility program and its commitment to education in the country.

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