Customs Clearance

Our Customs unit specializes in complete customs management, from Customs Declaration to Freight Release, in all Dominican Republic ports, airports and tax warehouses for our corporate, national and international clients with integrated logistics needs, which Require customs management, and other services such as maritime, air, land and storage.

We offer specialized advice in all types of customs management, facilitating the best logistics solutions to our clients, from arrival to the country to the final delivery in the facilities of our clients, with the highest standards of Quality, Transparency and Safe Trade.

We are experts in all types of Customs Management, both for Maritime Cargo and Air Freight, either containerized cargo (FCL), loose (LCL) or complete bulk cargo ships, in any of the national customs regimes, covering:

  • Transits.
  • Import to Consumption.
  • Import to Tax Deposits.
  • Reexport.
  • Admission or Temporary Importation.
  • Export.

We also specialize in complementary, private and governmental actions, such as:

  • Tax Exemption Management
  • Special Permits of Agriculture, Public Health, Armed Forces
  • Third Party Payments
  • Land Transport Coordination

We have excellent relations with key Government Authorities in the Dominican Republic, such as the General Customs Directorate, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of the Armed Forces, among others, as well as relations with the main port actors , As Shipping Agents, Port Terminals and related, guaranteeing logistic solutions to all the needs of our clients.

We operate under the endorsement of the Customs Agent Certificate “Authorized Economic Operator (OAS)“, granted by the General Directorate of Customs of the Dominican Republic, which translates into more agile and safe trading transactions for our customers, through Trade facilitation benefits received by such certifications.

Our services include the availability of automation and visualization of the customs processes through our new web platform, customized to the needs of our customers, allowing traceability of online services, and monitoring at each stage of management.