VIGIE (Remote environmental monitoring)

​Designed under the most strict international standards, our systems provides all the information that you need to control and effectively handle of temperature and energy consumption of your refrigerated or air-conditioned space, premises, office, trucks, merchandise, etc.

​​We are dedicated to maintaining visibility and tracking optimum quality standards throughout the entire cold chain.

GPS Systems

We offer Logistics Analytics and Reporting Services by means of GPS technology, allowing our clients to identify and improve upon:

  • Daily stops
  • Distance traveled
  • Turned off vehicle
  • Speed control
  • Definition of routes
  • Entry and exit of zones (geofences)
  • Speeding events
  • Geographic position of your fleet
  • ​Notices of vehicle´s maintenance
  • Battery Alarms

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification and Detection.

At present, RFID have a great use in industry, and each day its distribution is greater in applications such as:

  • Control of parts manufacturing process
  • Warehousing and Inventory
  • Control of medications
  • Cargo control
  • Security system, access, robbery, etc.
  • Entry and Exit control