Reefer Services for the shipping sector

Service to vessels

We have developed a dedicated staff providing Attention to Containers vessels on board and at port, ensuring both throughout, transit, import and export merchandise is properly attended.

  • Connection and disconnection
  • Reefer Container Repairs

Monitoring Reefer Containers and Electrical Supply at Marine Terminals

Our team has been trained to set, register and adjust, if so required, Reefer parameters (Settings) during the reefer containers preparation and/or stay in port.

  • Set and Register the Parameters of Reefer Containers prior to dispatch or during the vessel’s stay at Port
  • Electrical generation and supply for Reefer Containers in Rio Haina and Manzanillo Ports
  • Technical Support for Shipping Lines Inside and Outside of Port Limits

Containers’ Pre-trip and washing

Pre-trip (PTI)
Our expert team provides efficient pre-trip inspection, ensuring Reefer units arrive to clients promptly, as well as automatic revision programs (auto PTI), in accordance with shipping line requirements.

Internal and External Washing of Containers and Isotanks
In order to prepare the container for its further use, we provide varied cleaning services in order to eliminate odors, stains and other residues deemed as contaminants for the exportation and loading of cargo.