COVID-19 Security Measures

March 16, 2020.

Dear customers:

We wish to share with you the measures adopted by our company in order to ensure the continuity of our services in the context of the COVID-19 emergency:

Authorities regulations:

We faithfully follow the protocols established by the WHO, PAHO, Dominican Port Authority and the Ministry of Public Health, ensuring the implementation and quickly compliance with the regulations indicated by these entities. In this regard, cargo operations remain unchanged under strict supervision.

Safety in the work environment:

  1. We have activated our Safety Committee, to lead the action plan and business continuity, as well as serve as a reliable source for issuing truthful information at all levels of the company. This committee is led by our Department of Safety, Health, and Environment, and it holds representatives from all areas of the company.
  2. We are carrying out a communication campaign in order to raise awareness among our collaborators and reinforce good hygiene practices and behavior in the face of an outburst.
  3. We have also instructed our staff not to appear in their work area if presenting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 and enabled the means to carry out their work remotely in case it is required. Additionally, we are promoting social distancing measures to our staff, raising awareness of the risks of participating in mass events or visiting places of high concentration of people.
  4. We are implementing rigorous hygiene and cleaning programs, increasing cleaning in the areas of high concentration of people. Additionally, we have distributed sanitation supplies and maintain constant supervision to ensure optimal hygiene conditions in bathrooms, kitchens, offices and common areas.
  5. We are promoting cooperation by our staff who are or will be on vacation in the coming days, to declare if they visit places of high concentration of people and / or those that have been identified as a focus of coronavirus, in order to coordinate the security protocols that apply according to the case.

Decreasing exposure:

  1. In order to reduce the possibility of exposure and spreading the virus, we have taken as a measure to suspend face-to-face meetings and visits to clients. In this sense, we are encouraging the use of digital tools to hold meetings remotely, maintaining an open communication channel with our clients and business associates.
  2. We have suspended international business trips to places identified as a focus of coronavirus or high risk.
  3. We have suspended international business trips and cancelled the presence of our senior executives in non-essential events and activities. Those collaborators who make essential trips to low-risk places will be invited to cooperate with a security protocol established by the committee, which consists of remaining in isolation in their homes for a period of 14 days.
  4. We have organized isolated workspaces for staff who maintain greater interaction with people traveling from other countries.

These measures remain in force for 30 days. Regardless of this, they will be constantly reviewed and adjusted by our Safety Committee, who will keep you updated on any developments.


Marítima Dominicana, S.A.S.