Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

Name:     Felix Alburquerque
Office:     (809) 373-7379

Mob:        (849) 816-6920
Fax:         (809) 373-7318
Email:      felix.alburquerque@dpworld.com



Latitude 18°25,5’N, Longitude 69°37,5’W

D.M.A. Chart 25849

B.A. Chart 467

D.R. Chart 007

UN / Locode: DO CAU


The port of Caucedo, at Andres Bay, started operations in 2003. It is located approximately 25 kms from Santo Domingo, capital of Dominican Republic and close to the International Airport and to the recently developed Free Zone and Logistics Centers.

In protection of coral reefs, anchorage is prohibited in the Andres Bay. It is recommended that vessels awaiting for berth stay adrift in open waters to the south-east.









Apron width

Hight above MLLW

Min. or range of depths

 Feeder Pier

315 m. 

 50,0 m.

 4,0 m.

12,0 m. 

C 1

311 m.

50,0 m.

4,0 m.

13,5 m

C 2


For detailed information please view or download Ports Handbook pdf document on the Port of Caucedo.

For Tariff information please view or download Caucedo_Tariff.