Puerto Plata

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
Name: Lt. Commander José Manuel Díaz M.deG.
Office+Fax: 809 261-2930
809 910-6127

Maritima Dominicana, S.A.S. Branch
Oscar P. Pineda Pozo
Antigua Via Ferrea
Office: +1 809 586 6643

Fax: +1 809 586 8566

Mob: +1 809 980 6643
Email.: opineda@mardom.com


Puerto Plata

Latitude: 19º48.210’N, Long.: 070º41.920’W

DR Chart 008

DMA Chart 25803

B.A. Chart 463

UN / Locode: DO POP



The port of Puerto Plata is the main commercial port on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, and is the only one in this area receiving grain in bulk, general break bulk cargoes, cargo containers and liquid fuel for two power plants-CEPP and GSF.

In total 227 ships calls during 2012: 145 containers / 46 grain carriers / 16 tankers / 12 wood & paper / 1 cement / 1 Cruise Ship, etc.

Tributaries rivers keep port subjected to continuous silting and therefore stated depths are only indications.

We suggest you always double check with us before you make any commitments that require a draft near the upper limit.

Controlling depts. At entrance is 10,5 m.

Latest official soundings-see bathymetry chart dd......... 2013-04-05

Latest general port dredging……………………………………….. 2013-04-18

Latest CBM Generadora San Felipe sounding.........  2013-04-05



Name  /  Number 

Pier length

Pier width

Height above MLLW

Min. or Range of Depths

New Finger Pier

300 m.

44 m. 

3,0 m, 


East Side, #1

  300 m.

        44 m.

 3,0 m,  

9,70 m

UKC 40mcms for tankers 

West Side, #2

300 m.

44 m.

3,0 m, 

9,40 m

 Finger Tip,#3

44,0 m.


        3,0 m.

               8,80  m


CBM “Generadora San Felipe




This Multi Buoy System was originally designed for a BARGE with maximal  dimensions  122 m.  x  25 m. 

Maximal dimensions



Min. or Range of Depths

 Tankers vessels 

122 m.

 25 m.


8,00 m maximum permitted draft.


For detailed information please view or download Ports Handbook pdf document on the Port of Puerto Plata.

For Tariff information please view or download Puerto Plata_Tariff.