San Pedro

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
Navy Lt.Commander Luis Felipe Martinez Ruiz
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Maritima Dominicana, S.A.S. Branch
Rolando A. Lombert
Calle "10 de Septiembre" Edif. Plaza Sahara #128E
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San Pedro de Macoris

Latitude: 18º 26’.75N Longitude: 069º 18’.70W

DR 007 DMA 25849

B.A. Chart: 467

UN / Locode: DO SPM


The port of San Pedro de Macoris is located on the Higuamo River mouth on the Southern coast of the Hispaniola Island, about 70 kilometres east of Santo Domingo. This port is used mainly for exporting cement in bulk and in bags, clinker, sugar and molasses and fertilizer in bags. It is also used to import bulk fertilizers and wheat. Also tankers vessels discharge fuel oil at the floating power plant and white products and LPG to shore tanks at the CBM arrangements of Coastal Petroleum and Cogentrix.


Being situated at the mouth of a river, the port is subjected to continuous silting. Therefore we suggest you always double check with us before you make any commitments that require a draft near the upper limit.

The bottom in the Entrance channel and harbour consists generally of soft mud and silt.


Controlling Depth in the entrance channel 8,0 m.

Latest official soundings-see bathymetry chart dd. -2012-07-28

Latest general port dredging dd-2012-07-28

Number / Name


Apron width

Height above MLLW

Depth above MLLW


260 m.

15 m

2,0 m

7,8 m.


183 m.

20 m

2,0 m.

7,8 m.

3 Ferquido

262 m.

18 m

2,0 m.

7,8 m.

Sultana del Este

70 m (180m)

7,8 m.

Coatal Petroleum CBM

18°26´.06 N; 069°15´.68.W




12,7 m.

Cogentrix CBM

18°25´.28N; 069°20´.73




12,7 m.

However, upon dredging operations completion, on 2012-08-01, the National Ports Authority - APORDOM-issued a Directive, stating Official Draughts as follows: Manoeuvering Channel 7,62 m.(25,0 ft.) All berths 7,3 m. (24,0 ft.)


For detailed information please view or download Ports Handbook pdf document on the Port of San Pedro.

For Tariff information please view or download San Pedro_Tariff.