Santo Domingo

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
             Carlos Rodriguez
Office+Fax:     (809) 221-2449
Cel.:                (809) 910-1644
Email:      crodriguez@sansouci.com.do


Santo Domingo

Latitude:  18° 28.000’N   Longitude:  69° 53.000’W

D.R. Chart: 25449

B.A. Chart:  467

D.M.A. Chart: 25848

Un / Locode:  DO SDQ


The Oldest Port of the New World, first used by Admiral Cristofer Columbus on his second voyage. Traditionally used for break bulk general cargoes, grain for food and fuels for the city power plants.  It is the Dominican Republic huge capital city. (Estimated population 2 900 000).  Santo Domingo is the Car Carriers terminal place, the weekly service Puerto Rico Ferry Berth and two Caribbean Cruise Ships Terminals.

Being situated at the mouth of the river Ozama, the port is subjected to constant silting.

During rainy season -June to November- constant sounding is very necessary.  Therefore we suggest you always double check with us before you make any commitment that require a draft near the upper limit.

The botton in the entrance channel and harbor consist generally of soft mud and silt.

Controling depth in entrance is 10,0 m

Latest offcial soundings-see bathymetry chart dd. -2013-03-04

Latest official soundings-Molinos del Ozama Grain Terminal- dd. -2013-03-04

Last general port dredging 2012-11-19-22-23.


During last year -2012- 368 oceangoing vessels visited this port including 13 Cruise Ships.

Berth Name /Number


Apron width

Height above HW

Depth below MLLW

Sans Souci Cruise Term.-East Bank                              S.S.P.

260 m

25,0 m

2,5 m

9,7 m

Molinos del Ozama-East Bank

200 m

9,0 m

1.7 m

8.8 m

Nr.1 + Nr.2 – West Bank S.S.P.

280 m

13,0 m

1,8 m

7,3-7.0 m

Nr.3 – West Bank            S.S.P.

167 m

8,0 m

1,8 m

Out of Operation

Nr.4  +  Nr.5  -  West Bank   S.S.P.

100 m  + 200 m

17 m

1,5 m

6,0 m

Nr.6 + Nr.7 West Bank “Terminal DON DIEGO”                        S.S.P.

400 m

8,0-11,0 m

2,15-2,95 m

8,2 m

Petrolero West Bank           S.S.P.

115 m

10 m

1,8 m

7,4 m

Puente Flotante

100 m



Ave. Francisco Caamaño

Puente Mella

90 m



Ave.Mella-Ave”25 Feb.”

Puente Duarte /  Bosch

100 m



Ave.”27 de Feb.”-Ave.”Las Américas”

Legus Enterprises – East Bank

200 m

12 m

2,15 m

6,0 m FW

M & D Marine Repairs - East Bank

Jetty 15 m (130 m L)

12 m

2,15 m

5,0 m FW

Petrolex Overseas – East Bank

Jetty 25 m

(130 m L)

12 m

2,15 m

6,0 m FW

Puente Sánchez

120 m



P.Castellanos-S.Vicente de Paul

Metales Antillanos S.A. – Isabela River

Jetty 10 m

(130 m L)

River Bank


3,5 m FW

Astilleros Rio San Juan – Ozama River


River Bank 


3,5 m FW

Puente Luperón

130 m

cl. 6,0m


Calle Fdez.Saavedra-Restauradores

For detailed information please view or download Ports Handbook pdf document on the Port of Santo Domingo.

For Tariff information please view or download Santo Domingo_Tariff.